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I have found that taking Yoga with Ferrie was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. We all want to feel healthy, fit and flexible and taking Ferrie's Yoga class has made me more fit, energetic, happier and peaceful. One of the best things about Ferrie is that she customizes the yoga class and positions to meet the individual abilities of each participant. Her classes are suitable for everyone regardless of age, body type, health, and past fitness experience. As a beginner, I did not feel out of place or embarrassed, and now after a couple of years participating in her classes, I am more confident and attempt more challenging positions. At 70 years of age, I know that I will never be able to bend into a pretzel or put my feet behind my head, but after taking a yoga class with Ferrie, I always feel challenged and content with my accomplishments. Realistically, I listen to my body (which is Ferrie's mantra), and don't overdo it and throughout her yoga class, Ferrie insures that I don't exaggerate any moves.
Vera, River Edge, NJ
Yoga with Ferrie has been an absolute lifesaver for me. Through yoga I have learned to release daily stresses and see myself in a different light. When I started yoga with Ferrie, I had severe lower back pain and great difficulty in just getting out of bed. Now, I am truly pain free and it's a pleasure to to get up in the mornings. i owe this new me to Ferrie and her commitment to helping her students be the best they can be both physically and emotionally. If I had to describe Yoga with Ferrie in a word, It would be,,,, FABULOUS!
I have recently participated in two classes; Chakra opening class and the Ayurvedic Cooking class. Both classes were amazing. The Chakra class was soothing for the mind and body, a feeling that lasted for days afterwards. The cooking class was fun, informative and delicious. I came home with three recipes and a better understanding of Ayurvedic Cooking. Thank you Ferrie once again for giving me such a powerful gift of peace body and soul and an opportunity to take better care of myself in the future with Ayurvedic cooking at home.
Barbara D.
I have been learning yoga with Ferrie for more than two years. She is a wonderful, loving teacher who is very knowledgeable. She is very cautious if you have an injury and goes to great lengths to help you reach your full potential. Yoga with Ferrie is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I plan to keep attending yoga for many years to come.
Ferrie did an Introduction to Yoga class at the Fair Lawn Public Library last night. She was wonderful and the participants were thrilled with her knowledge and experience. Her beautiful, soothing voice only enhanced the program. I think many of our participants are planning to visit her and take more classes. We thank her sincerely for kindly offering this free introduction at our budget-strapped library.
Ferrie came out to my home for a 6:30am class and she gave me my first yoga class in my living room. She worked on the problematic areas of my body and after class I noticed I had a lot of energy that lasted until the end of my workday. Thank you Ferrie! I'm looking forward to our next class!!
Isabel B.
I have been taking Yoga with Ferrie for over ten years. Ferrie has an amazing capacity to soothe the Soul, relax the body and ease the Mind. She is an inspiration to everyone she teaches.
L. Solomon
I've been practicing yoga with Ferrie for 5 years and it has enriched my life immeasurably. She is a wonderful teacher and I would recommend her classes to anyone interested in improving their strength and flexibility, and finding inner peace.
Andrea DeVries
I really enjoy Ferrie's yoga classes. Her approach is unique and every session is very special. Great Website!
Lillian S.

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