The Importance of Yoga

It feels like we never take the time to slow down. As our lives have increased to a faster pace, we seemingly have less and less time to care for ourselves.

Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that may not have even existed only a few short years ago have been running rampant- carving a prominent path through our lives.​

Yoga offers an essential break from the chaos of life that many of us find ourselves entrenched in, providing a way to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with ourselves. With the current state of the world, I believe that the importance of yoga has become more apparent now than ever before.

Additionally, regular practice of yoga has been shown to improve mental health. Since yoga provides a safe space to release negative emotion and thought, symptoms of anxiety and depression typically drop in those who practice yoga.

Furthermore, yoga is a simple and effective way to improve physical health by increasing strength, flexibility, and balance. As the work-from-home revolution rolls on, the increase in sedentary behavior, which brings with it the potential to develop physical health issues, has increased dramatically. Yoga can help combat this through improving posture, reducing back pain, and providing a greater sense of well-being, overall.

Finally, yoga’s spiritual aspects promote a sense of connection with oneself and others. Concepts that are core aspects of the yoga experience such as mindfulness and self-awareness can lead to greater compassion and empathy for others. In today’s world, with so little empathy or understanding to go around, this is a secret weapon.

Yoga is more important now than ever.

Providing a much needed respite from the stress and anxiety from the chaos of modern life, yoga helps create a sense of calm in our lives. Its benefits extend far beyond physical and emotional health, including greater compassion for others and oneself and increased mindfulness. By incorporating yoga into their daily routine, people can improve their overall health and well-being, and better navigate the challenges of today’s world. 

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